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The Society Of Wilderness, Taiwan
We Believe Wilderness Is Where Life Begins .....
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Our Mission
To protect wild lands, allowing nature to manage and revive itself, by obtaining guardianship and  managing authorities of wilderness areas through means of purchases, long term leases, and funding from commissions and donations. To purposefully set aside wild lands and preserve nature in its original state for present and future generations to explore and be enlightened by the wonders of life.

Our Vision
To become an international NGO, who acts to involve every person in society to participate in protection and conservation of wilderness areas in Taiwan and all over the world by re-connecting people with nature and by nature education.

Our Agenda
1. Raise funds for the purchase of wild land, allowing nature to take its course, and to preserve native
    species of the land.
2. Promote awareness of nature conservation, and provide opportunities and environments needed for
    nature education to the general public.
3. Train grassroots personnel for conservation activities, and encourage people to become nature
4. Organize a group of counsels to oversee national environmental protection regulations and policies.
5. Oversee the management and operation of national parts.
6. Assist government agencies to conserve wild lands and preserve natural resources.
7. Give impetus to legislations of laws for nature resource protection and national environmental acts.


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 We Believe Wilderness Is Where Life Begins .....   The Society Of Wilderness, Taiwan